I was born in London, raised in Trinidad, now based in the US. I'm a doctor by profession but consider myself a citizen of the world and a dilettante. I enjoy the arts, read voraciously and travel to fuel my restless, old soul. My duty is to learn, share as much knowledge as possible and help those in need. My life's changing tides have washed me on many shores with many different journeys each which make me who I am and have given me many stories to reflect on and share. I use this platform to share with you little bits of myself - personal life experiences, my favorite books, music, recipes, travel tidbits & some health tips as a salute to my day job. I invite you to share some of yourself with me as well and we can surprise ourselves with how much we can learn from each other. I can't wait to hear from you.

Pour yourself a cup, turn on the music softly and reminisce with me why don't you?