A letter to my niece

Dear little darling,

Today you’re only six days old but you have the world of possibility ahead of you. You have been born into a family who loved you before you even had a tiny heart beat. This love will continue on now forever, like a spark into a flame that lights up your world. You have been named after your grandmother who would have adored every inch of you. I hope you grow up to be as perfect, gentle, charming, generous, kind and loving as she was as you are already beautiful. You have a lot to live up to. And then there’s your grandfather who’s love and guidance envelopes you even though you may not see him.

My wish for you is this, that you remain strong and steadfast in the midst of adversity and stay true to your beliefs and to what you will be taught. Be curious yet open. Move like a rose petal on a zephyr. We may not always be around to protect and teach you but always remain gracious, kind yet still always remember how precious and irreplaceable you are and how you deserve to be treated. You will meet people in all walks of life, understand that everyone is fighting their own battles and most times mean no malice but are victims of their own circumstance. Do not allow anyone to make you feel like less than you are because you have not lived up to their expectations and do not lose faith if they may not live up to yours. Your wise, great grandfather will teach you the wisdom to understand how beautiful life is, the power of mediation and not taking anything too seriously. One great grandmother will remind you of the strength in silence and your regal roots while your second great grandmother will teach you about the power of forgiveness. Your grandparents will teach you to work hard but take time to breathe. Your grand-aunts and uncles will teach you great morals, the importance of respect for one another especially elders, saving, being understanding and of course the unbreakable bond of family. 

Your aunties and uncles will show you how to share, how to deal with the teasing of an older brother and have a best friend in him. 

Your parents will teach you how to love, how to tie everything together and apply it as needed. And your big brother will teach you how to stay smiling, never get knocked down, be firm in what you want and how use your cuteness to bring us all to our knees.

And me? I hope you learn from me how to dream big, stick to your guns and understand that its okay to change your mind. Stay inspired, full of faith in the unknown and inquisitive. I promise to love you unconditionally, to be loyal, to be kind, to be understanding and patient while trying to show you what is right and be open to seeing your views and never assume the worst of you. You will never have to want, your intentions will never be questioned by me and I will always look out for your best interest. Your well being will always be my priority and I will always want you to know that your aunty and uncle are here to look out for you even if the rest of the world seems to not be in your favor. And when I get too fired up, this uncle of yours will teach you saintly patience, kindness and generosity.

There is so much hope in your brown eyes, your great grandfather has seen in your tiny palms how instinctive and healthy you will be. You already have us wrapped around your finger.

My love, just always remember that no matter who hurts you in life, there will always be at least once person you can count on apart from your parents and brother. You are a piece of me, my blood runs through your veins and when you hurt so will I, when you laugh, so will I and when you love and are loved, I will rejoice. You have been born to do great things. Do them big or do little things in a big way and always stay wide-eyed with wonder. The world may make you weary but it is yours for the taking.

All my love,
Your proud aunt.