I've toyed with the idea of starting a blog for a long time.

If a tree falls in a forest and there’s no one around to hear it, did it really fall?

[Today's soundtrack: RHODES - Close Your Eyes]

I wondered, what would my blog be about? What defines me as a person? What sets me apart?

This of course leads to existential thinking...

What am I about? What is my life’s purpose?

I’m a doctor, a student, a dreamer, an artist, a citizen of the world, I yearn for days where I can just read unbothered, be able to play with my nephew, spend time with those I love. Some days I want to open a tea shop, some days I want to paint for a living, some days I want to write. There’s so much I want to write, so much I have to say. 

I’ve always been well rounded, considered myself average but the truth is I am not. None of us are.   

I’m a person who cannot be defined. 

I’ve almost fallen, my voice almost gone with the wind. I emerged. 

I decided to start this blog for many of you who also cannot be defined, who think there are not enough hours, minutes, seconds in the day to do all the things that bubble around in your head.

For those who think your voice has no audience, for those who have been silenced, for those working toward a goal, for those who procrastinate, for those up all night, for those who thought you were in love- but you really weren’t and someone got hurt in the process. For those who have marveled at something they’ve created by themselves. For those who have come back to life- figuratively and literally, for those who have lost those closest to them, for those who fight with siblings or parents on a cyclical basis, for those who have lost friends they never thought they would, for those who have achieved things people said they never would, for those who have been swept off of their feet and experienced real unadulterated love, for those who have achieved a feeling of unrelenting bliss they never thought they would, for those who have changed their mind, for those who still can’t figure out what they want, for those who get annoyed at people who talk too loudly in public, for those whose pores raise when they hear a piece of music that resonates within them, for those who aren’t sorry that they get their winged eye liner right free handed every time. For those who became super spiritual for a fleeting time. For those who have wished they were invisible, for those who have been made to feel as though they were invisible. For those who have said terrible things to the ones they love in anger, for those who have been sorry.

And so much more. 

When I read that blog description over, I see that one or more of those things can be identified with anyone if not everyone. I arrive at a conclusion.

I cannot be defined. 


My posts will be random, on everything under the sun and a musical note of the day to accompany.